Who We Are

We are the Xyz Training Group Ltd, a privately owned UK training group that owns and operates some of the UK's largest training and professional development websites.

Xyz Training Group has been helping UK training companies sell more training courses since 2004 - at time of writing nearly 20,000 UK training companies have signed up to our free network and have become, what we call, our partners.

Some of our highly recognisible websites include such platforms as Xyz.co.uk, eLearning.co.uk, TrainingDirectory.co.uk and TrainingWebsite.co.uk - to name but a few. TrainingDirectory.com, another from our stable, will shortly be providing a global distribution solution for training companies based elsewhere in the world. Whilst our growth has been nothing short of phenomenal, especially for a bootstraps company that is privately funded and developed by a small team based in the UK, our mission has never faltered and remains the same to this day - and that is to advertise, promote and proactively sell training courses delivered by our training partners.

Basic membership of every one of our platforms is completely free and a single dashboard / management account is all that's needed for our partners to control every element of the content that we then promote.

Wheres the catch? Well, thats a question which we've been answering for over 10 years now - and the short answer is, there isn't one. Training Companies tell us about their training courses and where they are delivered via our easy-to-use backend and we simply distribute it and promote it. Taking enquiries and training orders and passing them onto to the training partner for which it is intended. It's that simple. And where do we make our money? Well, our core training business and the place where we started has long term contractual agreements with it's own clients where we are contractually obliged to provide a comprehensive and total training solution for them. What this means is, we manage and provide the training for all of our clients staff, buying training from external companies where required. Our client base is made up of many Blue chip companies that have hundreds, sometimes thousands of staff members and it's our job to manage their training. And where do we find the trainers to deliver the training where we are unable to, perhaps because of the course itself or because we do not have a geographical presence ourselves? From our network of partners, thats where. For our partners it's a real case of a win/win scenario. Not only do we bring to them new business directly, business which they otherwise would not have had, we also promote their courses independently and externally via our network of cutting edge and premium web brands.

20,000 UK businesses can't be wrong, so if you are a UK based training company, why not sign up today / register your business and check us out for yourself. If you already are a member and perhaps haven't logged in or checked us out for some time, then please take another look, our team of developers are constantly updating and improving our offerings and making it easier for clients to find the courses they require.