Terms & Conditions

Xyz Training Group owns and operates a number of training related domains and websites and provides a service to not only customers looking to book training courses, but also to training providers looking to promote their training business.

Since 2004 we have been dealing with all parties involved in the training cycle and we aim to treat everyone the same - that being as 'our customer'. Our terms and conditions reflect this unique stance. We do have formal terms and conditions governing the use of our website, terms and conditions for clients looking to book training courses and a set of terms and conditions for our relationship with you, our valued training partners. These have been independently written, the sole intent being to form the basis of a fair and equitable contract between you and us on the various levels of engagement that takes place.

Links to all our terms and conditions can be found below.

For the benefit of some of our newer training partners and for those considering joining our network (outside of our general terms and conditions), there are one or two commonly asked questions which we should like to address here :

1. Where do you make your money if all this is free?

This is probably the question new partners to our network ask us the most. The answer is simple. First of all, a little background. The reason why we created our network in the first place was simply to formulate relationships with other training companies, mostly for self serving reasons. Xyz Training Group revenue comes from term arrangements with a number of national clients of whom we ourselves are contractually obliged to deliver for them a nationwide training program for all their staff. In circumstances where we are not capable of delivering a certain course ourselves or where we do not have a geographical presence in the training location that's required, this is where we rely upon our network of training partners. From our partners point of view, you could say this is a bit of win / win scenario. We market your courses and your company across our network of premium training websites (from which you get direct leads from) and we also buy training from you at the same time.

Anyhow, as our network has grown and as we've continued to build ever more features and distribution platforms, this side of the business has now by far overtaken the initial reason why we set out on this journey in the first place. At time of writing, we now receive more than 1000 new enquiries for our partners each day, new business leads which we pass onto our partners without any involvement by us whatsoever. There's no benefit to us in doing so and this infrastructure does cost us money. So, as we continue building and creating more and more new features and benefits for our partners, some of these premium features in the future will be made available to members paying a nominal annual fee. After all, we have to pay for the development and web hosting somehow. We do however remain committed to providing the vast majority of the services we build to our partners for free and any premium features and premium memberships we do eventually bring will always be "optional" only.

2. Our content is being printed without authorisation

The usual explanation as to why a training companies details are being distributed and promoted by us is usually due to someone, sometimes an ex-employee of that company, signing up to our network at some point with the new decision maker being completely unaware that this previously had taken place. In this instance, and if the new decision maker at that company does not want to retain the relationship with us, then they should simply drop us a line or give us a call and explain their position, we'll be more than happy to either explain what it is we do and either provide access to their company account with us or remove the content and relationship as requested (once we're sure the request is legit and with authorisation). Whatever the weather, it's easily resolvable, so please don't send us any amateur legal threats about litigation and time scales for which we should adhere to for removing content - especially when in 9 out of 10 cases none of this is any of our doing. All the leads we generate only get passed onto you anyway, so please don't assume we're benefitting and /or pretending to be you somehow. Most importantly, if you do intend to reach out to us about your content, please consider that we especially respond much better to friendly requests than from an angrily sounding email. In very rare circumstances we may have actually got legacy details about a training company that were inherited from a training directory we purchased some years ago. But even here, we're again happy to remove any information on request. All the content we print is publicly available and therefore not against any law. That aside, we'll do whatever it is you'd like us to do and work toward your satisfactory conclusion, but again do please be assured that there's no funny business going on with us, we don't get to have active relationships with more than 30,000 training organisations by not doing things properly, legally and all above board.

3. What about Guarantees?

Just one.. A guarantee that any free or paid membership you purchase with us (which is not obligatory) will bring you more in business than what it will cost you. Obviously, if you choose our free membership, then that's a given. However, if you subscribe to any of our paid memberships, then our guarantee to you is if we don't bring you more in business (that you otherwise wouldn't have had), then you get your membership fee back in full, without quibble. Aside from that, and with strict regard to our websites, we make no warranty about anything else and will not be held liable for anything which you believe has negatively impacted upon your business through the use of our services. We do not guarantee anything aside from the fact that we will distribute your company information and your courses across our platforms to the best of our abilities. In you signing up to our network, you agree to this and that you will not hold us liable for any error, omission or lack of service from us. We will do our best at all times, but won't be held liable for much else except, of course, when we enter into a binding contract to purchase training from you. Links to our "very fair" and independently written terms and conditions for the purchase of training services are covered below.

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