Training Providers - We Sell Your Courses

Client Support

You'd have thought that with us having the largest and most recognised collection of training websites in the UK would, in itself, be a good enough service on it's own to offer to training companies looking to market their training businesses. Especially when membership and use of those services is provided without us charging providers any fee whatsoever..

The additional services we provide to training companies doesn't just stop with us passing over online enquiries as and when we receive them on our web platforms. Further additional services, some of which do perhaps go a little unnoticed, are carried out behind the scenes and the effort we need to put in is actually quite staggering. The most labour intensive of which is in assisting clients over the phone with their training requirements.

Contained within our purpose built head office in Hampshire is our ever growing client liaison team. The job of this team is to help clients find the most suitable training course by putting them in touch with most appropriate provider. With more than 400 new enquiries being received each day, that particular service seems to get bigger all the time.

Because of the nature of training courses and the number of variances that each course might entail, means that a lot of clients still prefer to use the phone rather than fill in a form. This means that we're duty bound to assist them in finding them their next training provider. It's a role which requires us to make a substantial investment in both staffing and in training. A cost that we can't and don't pass on to the company providing the training.

Once we receive a new enquiry, our team will discuss with that client the course options available to them which we hope will help them reach a decision as to which one is best. We inform the client as to the course duration, the agenda and any prerequisites that might be required. We also tell them what they can expect to pay and what they are likely to get as a result of attending a successful course. Basically, what we're doing is taking care of a lot of the initial sales and marketing work that normally would be the job of the company actually providing the training. Again, we do this for no fee to the training partner who ultimately will be the one receiving the income for the training that's delivered.

Social Media

We also make extensive use of all the major social media outlets.

Whenever our partners add a new open course, create a new course type or add a new training venue, we blog about it, tweet about it, distribute that information on our Facebook page and highlight that news on Google Plus. This results in more exposure, more eyeballs viewing the information and more sales for our partners.

Paid Advertising

We also purchase pay-per-click traffic to advertise our partners courses.

Being at the top of search engine rankings is an ever moving feast and one which requires constant changes to web pages and to website structure. We circumvent a lot of this search engine minefield by paying to be at the top of the search engine listings for a good number of courses on our network. We purchase paid traffic from Twitter, from Google, from Facebook and from Bing and our current spend on advertising our partners courses is currently in the tens of thousands of pounds per month.

Our Own Clients

We also have signed up corporate clients of our own of whom we have term contracts with to deliver all of their training. We source all the training required by our clients from our network of training partners. In the past year alone our highest earning partner was paid just over £200k. This is business we ourselves purchased directly from them.

As we hope you will agree by now, we really do sell your courses and we really do work hard and throw a lot of resources at doing so. Our existing partner network of over 10,000 UK training businesses can't all be wrong, so why not sign up today / register your business and check us out for yourself.