Help & Assistance For New Training Partners

First up, if you haven't yet visited our Frequently Asked Questions page, then you can do so and find answers to common questions here

How Do I Sign Up / Register

We've made signing up to our network as a training provider about as easy as we could have possibly made it and cut away all the red tape that you commonly find with other online registration forms.

When you register your training business on our network we need just three pieces of information. First of all we ask you for your user information. This is about you specifically, so we know who it is managing your company account with us. Secondly, we ask for some information about your company, the legal entity name, your postal / registered address and some other basic company contact information. And finally, we ask you to give us the name of at least one training course that your company provides, this is so that we can set you up in our system in the right category of the training that you provide, such as health & safety or business etc.

And that's it, you set your own password and, provided there's no hiccups in the one or two checks we make in the background, you'll be good to go :) Once you're logged in, we hope the menus found within your training provider dashboard should be fairly self explanatory. If they're not then don't worry, our FAQs and help pages are there to assist you.

If you're ready to get started right away, you can register yourself and your training company here.

Choose / Select A Membership

After you've registered, we automatically get set you up as a basic member of our network and, if that's the membership you require, then there's not a lot else you need to do with to regard selecting a membership per se. And whilst the term "basic" might to some new partners portray a vision of something which isn't really worth their while, our basic membership actually gives to those members pretty much the vast majority of all the features and benefits that are available. With our basic membership, you will get access to and be listed on every one of our platforms and you will receive direct enquiries from all of them. Basic membership is of course completely free.

Next level up is our Business membership package. For a small annual fee, the business membership package provides an enhanced version of our basic membership. A bit like going economy plus on the airlines, if you will. With our business membership package you can control more elements of your exposure on our network. Your company profile is also enhanced with our business membership and you get an automatic boost in our search results when people seek the the type of training for which you provide. And, when visitors do land on your page or the site that's been created for you, more of your company information and ways to get in contact are displayed.

And finally, the creme de la creme of memberships is our Professional Edition. Again, for a very reasonable annual fee, our professional member package gives you access to everything. Your business will appear top of all searches, including wider geographical searches for courses which you provide. Your business will be specifically recommended to clients looking to book training and every feature we have across all our entire network is provided to you. However, as with all our paid memberships, we offer a very unique promise.. And that is, if you do not receive more in new business than the cost of the membership fee that you paid to us, then we will refund to you your membership fee in full without any quibbles whatsoever.. How bout that for a free bet?

Uploading Courses

When we talk about uploading courses, what we're talking about is that process of you telling us the types of courses you provide as a training company. One of the first things you might do as a new training partner of ours is to tell us about the classroom courses which you deliver. When you do so, we obviously need to know the name of those courses and what each course entails. This is so that when people search our network, your courses get displayed in the correct place and in the correct category. To make sure we get it right, we ask you to match your course with the list of course types we already have in our system - of which there are over 30,000. You match your course to us by simply typing in the common name of that course and selecting a match as it appears. This matching process appears as a prompt when you first set up your course. It's all very simple.

We then ask you to tell us more about the course itself, the agenda / running order, the description, duration, who it's aimed at etc etc and a bunch of other course related questions, all of which are very straightforward. Basically, it's general course information which you'll already have to hand or know what it is we're asking about.

In addition to this and something that is quite unique to us are your course images. When you first create a new course (or are editing at a later time), we also give you the opportunity to upload any course images that you might have. When you do, we'll display them to your visitors in a nice little image gallery. Course images might be photos of you actually conducting training of that course or perhaps stock images you might have got from the course governing body (assuming you got permission to use them of course). Uploading images of courses give an enhanced look to your presence on our network and the number of enquiries you receive will increase as a result of providing images. Strange we know, but our stats don't lie and we've found that courses with images tend to receive nearly 20% more enquiries than courses without.

Adding courses, course information and images may seem like a daunting task and a little like writing lines at school, especially when there's quite a few to upload, however, please take comfort in the fact that it is only a job that needs to be done once, and we really can assure you that all of it is definitely worth the trouble.

Registering Venues For Classroom Based Training

Some of our members have just the one training venue, which we automatically assume is the same address as your trading address, and some members have hundreds of training venues. Either way, we've made the process for adding and editing training venues and telling us a little more about each of them as simple and as straightforward as we possibly can.

All we need to know is the address and postcode of where the venue is located and some other additional information that might prove useful to your clients. This might be how they can find or get to that venue, whether there is parking or public transport onsite or nearby and whether lunch or refreshments are provided. And, if refreshments are provided, what if any are the costs. All of which takes just a minute or two to complete and you just follow a series of prompts.

As mentioned, images are key to receiving bookings, so again we provide you with the ability to upload any venue images you might have. You can also use a new thing we've just developed in conjunction with Google Streetview and "Snap!" an image of your venue from the road. You do this simply by clicking a button in your venue creator and seeing the result. Once you're happy with any streetview images you take, we'll save that along with your other venue images and display these in your image gallery together with any course images that you have.

We know that clients like to know where they are going to be trained at and what they can expect to receive when they get there. We also know that our partners are proud of where they train and the facilities they provide so, if you have any great images of your training venues, why not upload them and let us show them off.

Creating Open or Public Training Courses

Classroom based training course dates are very popular across our network and make up nearly 40% of the overall enquiries we receive. Creating an open or public training course date is a snap once you are logged into your dashboard - so to is maintaining that schedule as you go.

First up, and in order to create an open course date, we need to know a number of fairly obvious things. We need to know the name or the type of the open course you wish to create, which you can select from a drop down of your courses. We then need to know which venue that open course is being held at. Finally we ask you for the start date, start time, how many days or what dates are relevant, how many available places there are, is the course guaranteed to run already and, of course, how much it costs per person. The rest of the information, like joining instructions, pre-requisites to enrolling and the course agenda etc, we will take from the information you provided earlier when you set up that course. Once you're done, that open course will immediately be displayed and advertised right across our network, including on

In addition to setting up each open / public course one at a time, for larger providers with dozens and sometimes hundreds or even thousands of open course dates, we provide what we call our "replicate" open course function. This will will take an existing open course date of yours that's already set up and replicate it across multiple dates, provided the course you're replicating has the same course and venue. Replicating is a super fast way of adding new training dates of commonly run courses and we will enter them all into our system once you've finished with just a single click of a mouse.

We also have a spreadsheet import feature which can add hundreds of open course dates taking place at multiple locations all in one go. This is particularly handy for those training partners who like to use a spreadsheet to manage their open course schedules and delegates. It works by you downloading a template from us, opening and editing it within your favourite spreadsheet editor such as excel, and then re-uploading it back to us once you've added or edited all the course information. You can upload your spreadsheet back to us whenever and how often as you like and up to 1000 open courses can be uploaded edited in this way.

Receiving & Handling Orders & Enquiries

As already explained, visitors to our network have many ways in which to get in touch with you directly. One of these is by completing an online enquiry or filling out one of our contact forms, the likes of which can be found on the free website we created for you and on your Training Directory page.

Whenever someone completes a contact form or makes an enquiry that was meant for you, we pass that message on to you immediately and without any delay or hindrance. The way the process works is quite simple. Found within your dashboard is your inbox, which can be located under the business sub menu. Your inbox which works pretty much the same way as a regular email inbox does. In here you will find all the enquiries that were sent to you directly from clients and interested parties looking to book your training. Whenever a new enquiry is received for you, we notify you by email the moment that new enquiry arrives. We we will also carry on reminding you if we see that you have unopened mails in your inbox which you haven't yet attended to.

What you choose to do with your enquiries after that is of course completely up to you. We pass on to you the message that was sent and any contact information that's been provided and you can either reply from within your inbox or take the enquiry away with you and make contact elsewhere by whatever external means you choose. Once you have finished with an enquiry, you can choose to archive it or delete it or do with it as you wish.

Also found within your inbox are enquiries we ourselves will have made to you for training we potentially may wish to buy on behalf of our own clients (should they decide to go ahead). This more than likely will be an enquiry for one of your open courses and we will be asking you to tell us if your course is definitely going ahead or not. Other messages you might get from us could be to ask you for a quote to provide an on-site group training course for perhaps another of our clients. Either way, the messages we send to you are just as important as direct enquiries and we ask that you respond to them in the same prompt manner as you would any other enquiry.

Your inbox also contains an "Order" tab. This is for all the confirmed orders for training that we ourselves have purchased from your company. Each order from us will contain all the client contact information, the details of the course we have purchased (including the price and where it is to be held at) and who within our organisation is your point of contact. Our orders to you are also interactive and we give you the ability to view and edit the delegate names of the people attending the course (if we have them), and the opportunity to upload your invoice to us for the training provided. Once training has taken place, you can also use the order page to upload any certificates that you may have created on our behalf. You'll be pleased to learn that the whole inbox system and order process has been designed around efficiency and with your ease of use in mind.

Building eLearning / Online Learning Courses

Very soon our new platform will be released and it looks like it's going to be amazing.. We didn't think that our domain name "" deserved to be anything less.

The brief we started out with was to build an elearning product that's extremely easy to use for partners and to give them the ability to create an online version of their classroom courses without needing to know or have any technical or online learning experience or ability whatsoever. The good news is, we think we've done that and we're excited to show you what we've built real soon.

For now, and already within your users dashboard, you can create the basics of your eLearning courses in pretty much the same way as you already do with any other classroom based training course. Basic stuff like providing us with the course description and what the course will entail etc are already there and you can dive into this right away. And once you've done this (and when our product is ready of course) we will then give you access to what we call our "eLearning course builder" where you can then begin creating that course in earnest. The course builder will be able to create any learning block you could imagine. This includes being able to set exams, complex learning modules, quizzes, videos, hold seminars, Q&As and even host live lectures over the web.

And there's so much more, too much to mention actually. Basically, anything you currently provide in a classroom and more you will soon be able to provide online, this time perhaps to an audience of potentially thousands of delegates from all over the globe. The eLearning courses you can create with us will be as easy to set up as something like creating a powerpoint presentation. Everything will be explained and described to you in an easy to use and non-scientific manner and the elearning courses you will be able to create will be only restricted by your imagination. As ever, we'll take care of all the marketing and advertising and present your eLearning courses on both our & websites and include them on your free training website.

And if you already have an online learning solution hosted elsewhere, well thats not a problem either. When you first tell us about your eLearning course, you can opt to build it with us or simply tell us where it's hosted and how users sign up and we'll take care of the rest. As usual, as with all the courses we advertise on your behalf, you set the pricing and we'll sign up the clients.

Training Directory Explained

As you'd imagine, does exactly what it says on the tin, and is a directory of more than 20,000 UK training providers and over 30,000 training course types. As the single most visited resource for finding trainers and training companies within the UK, training directory helps delegates find trainers and organisations find training companies. Much like our soon-to-be-released eLearning product, we are also in the final stages of testing a brand new version of Training Directory - which we hope to have launched sometime in the autumn of 2016.

Our newly revamped Training Directory is set to embrace all the latest web design technologies which we hope will provide a great user experience, whether that person is viewing the site on a tablet, a mobile or on a desktop computer. Intelligent algorithms will assist visitors in getting them to the best available provider in the shortest number of clicks and when they do land on one of our partner pages, we intend to show-off that training partner and their training services in the best light possible. Partner pages will be professional, eye catching and including therein all the information we know about that particular partner.

As a member of our network, every one of our training partners is represented on the site and each will have a custom built page made for them, which will not only describe all the training services that the company provides, but also will prominently show to visitors how they can get in touch and how they can make an online enquiry.

Clients visiting will be able to search by company and by course. And when they do search by course, a number of factors will determine where each partner company appears in the search results we present. This will include the training partners membership status and how active they are with maintaining their company and their course information with us. There's no additional work to ensure your company appears on and there's no separate registration or sign up process, all your content on all our platforms is already governed and controlled by informtion you tell us about in your single partner account.

Free Training Website - Created For All Partners

One the the most lauded, yet least known of the services we provide for training partners is the free website we create for each of them. As a purely optional service, our product has recently been released following an extensive and comprehensive upgrade.

Embracing the same web design technologies that our eLearning and Training Directory platforms are currently being built upon, our training website product creates a standalone website for each and every one of our partners and is designed to work and look great on every device.

Working in exactly the same way as any website does, the free website we create for you is built using all the content you provide to us via your dashboard. With that we display your courses, your venues, images, open courses and collect enquiries for you. Every enquiry as usual getting passed onto you immediately. Your free website can act as a backup or as an alternative to your regular website or it can be your sole online presence. Just please don't complain if what we've built for you starts outranking your own site on the search engines.

With your free website you can also customise the look and feel of it, change imagery and the introductory text and even switch the colour scheme. Please don't forget, the free website we create for you is an optional service and you can opt out of it whenever you like. However, assuming you'll want to keep it, we'll even host your domain name for you and use that instead of the free web address we gave you - just to give it a greater amount of authenticity. This might be sounding like a broken record, but once again, there's no charge or fee in us building this website for you or in hosting it on our servers. So why not Login and check it out for yourself, you'll find a link to your free website under the "website" sub menu in your users dashboard.

Exporting Your Courses

The term XML distribution may not mean a lot to many people, however it is a common internet based practice and is simply the means by which content is distributed and shared by computers across the internet. This might be a slightly over-simplistic explanation, but you get the point.

We understand that in this modern age, information is shared, particularly when that information is for goods and services on sale. In our case, we recognise that a lot of our training partners want to market their courses to as many, if you like, sales outlets as is possible and a lot of them have relationships with other training platforms who also market their training courses for them.

Up until now, the two ways of ensuring that your training course information was distributed accurately was to either take the time to go around and maintain course schedules on every broker platform yourself or by sending a global email to each of them in the hope that whomever received it actually updated the course information as requested. Well, hopefully those days may soon be a thing of the past.

Contained with your new dashboard, we have built for you an XML "Export" function. What this does when built is gather up your training course information and distribute it via a unique web URL (in XML format). You then give this URL to others. The beauty of your XML feed is that every time it's requested by another computer, the XML engine writes a new feed automatically and ensures that the content being distributed within the feed is your very latest course information. This ensures that whoever has the feed has content that is synced with us, which means it should always be up to date everywhere.

The main advantage of such a feature is that in the future you need only do two things. First of all, maintain your course schedules with us and ensure they are up to date. And the second thing is to ensure that whomever else you want to display your course information has access to your XML feed. It's that simple and it works in exactly the same way other industries do, such as the airlines and the travel agents from around the globe.

You build your XML feed from within your dashboard. When you create a new one, you first of all choose what information you want to distribute. This can be a selection of your courses, images, venues, prices, addresses, available places etc etc. The list of available content blocks to export is quite extensive and you can include and / or exclude whatever information of yours as you so wish. You can also create multiple XML feeds, each of them having a unique and encrypted web address which you can then give to different outlets, depending upon what content you want each of them to have. The web platforms and 3rd parties you give your XML feeds to should then be able to import your course information into their systems in a blink of an eye, as often as they want and without too much in the way of trouble or additional programming. The benefits of such a feature are that your courses will be up-to-date wherever and whenever they are displayed and you need only maintain the master list with us. As usual, this service is absolutely free and is an absolute doddle to set up.