FREE Membership For All Training Companies

That's right. If you are a UK based training provider or provide training services to clients within the UK then there's absolutely no charge for you to join us as a training partner.

Our network consists of some of the UK's most trusted and well known training web platforms and all you need do to get started is register your company here, tell us a little about what you do and the training services you provide and we will take the information you give us and distribute it across every one of our training websites - a collection of premium platforms which includes the likes of,, and - to name but a few..

Clients looking for training will then be able to find your company on these sites and make direct enquiries with you for training. And when they do get in touch, we will pass any message or enquiry onto you without any involvement or interference from us whatsoever. There's no fee for this service and many thousands of UK training providers are already members.

What's more is we will also buy training from you ourselves via our platform. We do this is because we also provide a managed training solution for many large client organisations who have thousands of employees requiring training. When we purchase training on their behalf, we source that from within our own network of training providers. You might regard this as a win-win situation. And you'd be right.

Furthermore, we will also distribute your company and the services you provide across all of the various social media outlets. We will tweet your courses, purchase paid advertising on facebook and on Google and highlight any new training venues or courses you set up via our own social media pages.

Our network receives in excess of 5 million visitors a year from right across the UK, the vast majority of which are looking to source their next training provider. We provide clients with access to your company for free. We hide non of your contact or company information from visitors looking to book training and we work hard promoting your interests.

And that's the service we provide in short.

If you own, operate or simply work providing training or education services, then being a member of the Xyz Training Group really will be of enormous benefit to you and your training business. After all, who wouldn't want new clients delivered to them for free and without much in the way of effort..?

We also offer some paid membership options, however these are optional and in no way diminish the service you receive as a free member. Paid memberships enable us to pay to keep our web servers online and our developers busy improving our products. Both of our paid Business and Professional memberships are keenly priced (start at under £2 a week) and each come with our no quibble money back guarantee. That being, if you do not receive more in new business than the cost of any membership fee you paid us, we'll refund you in full.

So why not check out our membership options for yourself or continue reading about the many different features we have to offer. The vast majority of what we provide for training providers is absolutely free, so why not sign up today or use the links provided to learn more.