Features For Training Providers - Explained

Training Providers Dashboard / Interface

There's so many features and benefits in being an Xyz Training Group partner that it makes it difficult for us to describe them all on a single page. But hey, let's give it a go..

First and foremost, the way you, as a new training partner tells us about the training you provide (which gets displayed right across our network) is via our newly built training providers dashboard. This single login suite is designed it in such a way that even a complete novice with absolutely no technical expertise whatsoever can use it to tell us about the training services you deliver. But in case you get stuck, and regardless of the page you are on, we've added tool tips and help boxes and links to more information. You dashboard also uses the very latest in web design technology and it can be operated via any device. So, whether you are logged in via a mobile, a tablet or a desktop device, you can interact with your account in exactly the same way. It's also the only place you'll ever need to go to control all the content that we publish on your behalf. Everything you provide within your dashboard is distributed by us across all our premium training related websites such as TrainingDirectory.co.uk, eLearning.co.uk, Xyz.co.uk, TrainingWebsite.co.uk as well as a host of other industry specific platforms.

The dashboard is also packed with many additional features. As well as you being able to tell us all about your basic company information; such as your courses, training prices and where your training takes place etc, you also have access to an email inbox where, just like a regular email inbox you can send and receive messages and interact with us and with clients making enquiries for your training courses. Not only that but from within the dashboard you can upload images of training taking place. You can embed videos, tell us more about your company, provide information on any additional services you provide, set your opening hours and what payment methods you're willing to accept from clients when they want to pay.

And the list of features doesn't stop there. You can also tell us about any special offers you have currently. You can add links to your own website, upload your company logo, add a company profile, tell clients up to three reasons why your business is special, link to your social media pages and export your courses live to any 3rd party outlets such as Twitter or perhaps to another training broker.

Basically, via a set of easy to use prompts, you are able from within your dashboard to tell us anything and everything about your business. And anything you tell us about we'll distribute across our entire network and to 3rd parties of your choosing. So why not get started now. Register your training business here or login here if you are already a member.

Training Directory

Where do clients go when they need to find a new training company to deliver their next training course? To TrainingDirectory.co.uk, that's where. Of course.

Being listed on Training Directory gives you access to millions of new clients that visit our network each year looking to source their next training company. And being listed on Training Directory under the courses you provide and in the areas in which you deliver them really is a must-have for all professional UK training companies.

Not only do we list your business in the categories, courses and regions where you deliver your training, but we also allow visitors to filter down to a page which is solely all about your company. And when they want to get in touch with you, we provide visitors with a contact form which will send you the enquiry straight away.

Your company will also be presented in the best possible light. We take care of the layout of your page and even provide stock images of your course types just to make sure they stand out and look that little bit more professional. What's more, Training Directory is also built around the latest technology and visitors get a great user experience regardless of the device that they are viewing the site from. Oh, and if you weren't already aware, being listed on TrainingDirectory.co.uk is completely free of charge. Register your training business here or login if you are already a member.


It's fair to say that the general consensus of opinion about the training industry in general is that the future of it lies online. As such, trainers will need to embrace elearning at some point in the not too distant future or get left behind.

We appreciate that, especially for traditional training providers, switching away from classroom based courses might seem a little daunting at first. Well, perhaps not for very much longer. Our latest product, elearning.co.uk (which is currently in the final stages of development and due to be released in September) will, hopefully alay any fears about making the switch as we've made creating courses on eLearning.co.uk about as easy as pie. Both for the training provider creating the course and for the person undertaking it. The brief we set out with when creating the site was for it to not only be powerful, up to date and to make use all of the latest technologies available, but also that it should be very easy for training providers to both use this technology and create courses which will be as good as, if not better, than anything they can deliver in a classroom. That was our goal and we like to think that we've nigh on achieved that.

Using the same Provider dashboard login, our partners will soon be able to create courses and interact with their delegates in exactly the same way as they currently do within the classroom. The only differences being that with elearning.co.uk there's no limit to the size of the class and there's no restriction as to where in the world the delegates come from. The potential of what can be created on eLearning.co.uk only limited by the imagination of our partners

The days of online learning simply being about watching a glorified powerpoint demonstration are over. Soon our trainers, without any technical knowledge whatsoever and using our online course builder, will be able to a utilise a wealth of tools and technologies as yet unseen in the online learning marketplace. Together with regular learning materials, trainers will be able to do things like create and host a live video seminar, schedule and host a live webchat to all their class, upload videos of their courses, set exams, exercises (both group and individual), have automatic marking and interact with their delegates like never seen online before - not only making it easy to train huge numbers of people at the same time, but also giving those people a fantastic learning experience. And when those courses are built and ready for people to enrol, we'll also take care of the marketing and sales and any payments that are necessary. Stay tuned for more information on this shortly.


Xyz.co.uk is the home of open training courses. More than 3 million people visit the site each year, all looking to find their next training course for themselves or for a small number of co-delegates. Generally speaking, Xyz visitors come to us to find a public training course which is already set up and is available for anyone to join.

At any one time, more than 60,000 open / public training courses are being advertised on Xyz.co.uk - and the site receives in excess of 200 new training enquiries a day..

The team at Xyz work hard placing delegates onto those courses run by our training partners and they strive to place all delegates onto the best and most appropriate course that suits the client's requirements. This sometimes entails lengthy communication with the client, liaison with the training provider, support in making sure the delegate gets to the venue on time (and with the right paperwork or pre-requisites) and in providing assistance when things sometimes go awry.

We work extremely hard for both the client and for our training partner and take away a lot of the hassle associated with pre-sales questions and client support enquiries. We also take payments, send quotes and invoices, provide clients with the venue and course information and what they or their delegates will get as a result of being successfully trained. We also assist our training partners in processing their invoices to us and in getting any certificates passed on when the course has finished.

Adding open courses to our system is also very easy. Via the provider dashboard, our training partners can set up an open course by selecting the course type, which venue it's being held at, the start date and the price per person. partners tell us this information either via their dashboard or by uploading their open schedules by spreadsheet. One-time jobs which need not be repeated also include things like having the ability to tell us more about the course itself, who it's designed for and what the course agenda entails. Our partners can also upload images of both the course and the venue and provide details on how to get there. They can also state what (if any) refreshments will be provided to clients attending the course.

We take all the information we're given, advertise it, promote it and pass it on to every enquiry that we receive. And when we do get an enquiry, our communication with partners is second to none. Our client liaison team keeps every client and every partner in the loop throughout the entire training cycle, from enquiry to confirmed booking to the delivery of certificates.

If you have or are considering hosting public / open training courses at any of your venues, then there's never been a better time to join our network. We place delegates on more than 80% of the courses we advertise and pay our partners promptly and with the minimum of fuss. And we're always looking to improve. So why not sign up today and check us out.

Free Training Website

Last, but by no means least, is TrainingWebsite.co.uk - our gift to the training partners in our network.

Thousands of training partners take the time to carefully load their content and images onto our network. And whilst perhaps that's slightly self serving, we thought, what with so much great training content being uploaded, why not automatically create on behalf of all our partners a fully functioning and free website for them so as to advertise their training services even further. So we did.

Every one of the sites we build and host for our partners is a fully functioning and standalone website. Each built with the latest bootstrap web design technology (meaning the sites work great on every device) and each able to be fully customised by it's owner. As usual, when your free website gets an enquiry, this goes straight to the you. Best of all, and if you haven't already guessed, you website is as the name suggests totally free.. We do not charge you a penny for this service. We will even host any domain name that you might own. Otherwise we assign each a completely unique domain name based around your company name, which again is editable.

Check out this example of what your new training website might look like - Free Training Website example.

It doesn't matter if you already have a website of your own, ours can act as a backup or, if you like, an additional platform to market your training services. And if our free training website service is not for you, well that's ok, you can opt out any time you like and for whatever reason you like simply by clicking a box in your dashboard.

Ready to get started? Then register your training business here or login here if you are already a member.