Massive Exposure For Training Companies

It's hard to actually quantify the actual size and scale of the exposure your training business will get by being a member of our network. The one thing that is assured is that the exposure you will get and the new business you are guaranteed to receive will be far greater than the amount of time it will take you to register your business and add your company information. And that's the very minimum you'll receive.

At time of writing, collectively over 5 million unique visitors come to the Xyz Training Group of websites each year, the vast majority of which being clients and individuals looking to source or book their next training course.

Those visitors come to our sites, such as, to source an open or public training course for themselves or their employees, while others visit in order to source a new training provider near to them or within their local area. Of those visitors, over 80% of them complete one of our online enquiry forms or email at least one of our training providers. And when they do, we immediately pass over any message or email onto the partner for whom it was meant for. No involvement by us, no contacting that client ourselves and offering them alternative options, we simply pass the enquiry on and leave it at that.

Our in-house web development team uses the latest web design technology to build each of new products so not only do they look good, but they function brilliantly on any device. So whether that visitor is viewing information about one of our partners on a tablet, phone or on a computer, the user experience is just the same and we present to them the training information they seek in complete clarity, showing off our partners and the services they provide in the best light possible. Our brand new and platforms are due for release in the Autumn of 2016.

Being a member on the Xyz Training Group gives partners back as much effort as they are willing to put in themselves. Our favourite training partners are those who promptly answer emails from us and respond swiftly to clients when they make an enquiry. These partners get a tremendous boost from us in the rankings and search results that we display to visitors when they search our sites looking for training. Just like a regular search engine, being higher in any list of search results ensures a much greater number of enquiries.

We also love those partners that tell us more about their training business and keep that information maintained on a regular basis. We particularly like those that maintain their open course schedules themselves and regularly keep that up to date. And those partners who upload comprehensive course information and add training or venue images. This not only helps us sell more of their training courses, but it also means that their company also looks far more professional to visitors viewing their information.

Many internet or SEO companies claim to bring more leads and give a boost to a company's search engine ranking however, none of that is relevant when you consider that not only do we do all that for free and provide you leads for free also, but we also list your business on some of the most recognised and most visited training websites in the UK.