Training Partners Receive Direct Enquiries

Delivered straight into their inbox

We've found that when you sign up to the various free web directories and portals out there, perhaps in order to expand your reach to new clients, there invariably seems to be some sort of catch. Perhaps a fee that wasn't initially apparent at the outset or some restriction on receiving leads without first paying for the privilege to receive them - well, not with us..

Every lead you generate, whether that originates from, from, or from our own clients here at, gets delivered into your inbox without any hassle, hijack or involvement from us.

It matters not what level of membership you are, be that basic, business or professional - everyone gets the leads and enquiries meant for them delivered to their inbox the moment they're received by us.

And what sort of enquiries might that be, we hear you ask? On you might be getting an enquiry for one of your courses or for one of your open courses (if you provide them). Or it might be a request for you to perform some onsite training for a new corporate client.

We provide a contact form on every page of yours that we display. Prospective clients complete that form and tell us their name, phone, email and any message they want to send you and once they've completed and submitted it, we tell you about it right away. It's as simple as that.

You will also be getting leads and enquiries from the free website that we've created for you via our platform (an optional service). Here, and on every page of your free website, we add a contact form for clients to get in touch. We also add a form on the pages that detail any additional services or special offers that you have running. Every one of the forms we provide for you are protected from web bots, this ensures you don't become inundated with spam from automated web bots.

Finally, we ourselves might have some business to bring your way. In this instance it might be from one of our clients or from an enquiry made on Again, every enquiry will be delivered into the same inbox in your providers dashboard, an inbox which works pretty much the same as a regular email inbox does. We'll let you know by email when there's a new message in there and you will then be able to read, reply and/or archive any messages as you see fit.

One of our partners recently said to us that it didn't matter if he only ever got one enquiry, it was one enquiry more than he had previously. And bearing in mind that it takes less than 10 minutes to register on our network, it's in the very least surely something that's worth a try?

So, if you're ready to get started, register you and your training business here or login here if you are already a member.